Saturday, March 2, 2013

Noah at four months!

Our little boy is getting so big!  Here are some photos of Noah at four months.

Halloween Costumes

Luke dressed up as, what else?  Luke Skywalker for Halloween.  Not to be left out, Noah was Jedi Master Yoda.

Luke shows off his skills with a lightsaber.  

Noah at three months

Here's our little Noah bear at three months!

Pumpkin Patch!

Here are some photos from our annual pumpkin patch visit before Halloween. 

Dad, Zia, and Uncle Brad visit

Pops, Zia, and Uncle Brad came to visit this past October.  They got to meet Noah for the first time. 

Mario came by to hang out too. 

Fall Festival

We went to Hillcrest Apple Orchard in North Georgia, but alas, most of the apples had already been picked. The boys had fun digging in the sand, sliding and watching pig races.

Noah at two months

Here are some photos of Noah at two months old.